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is an innovation consultancy made up of the most dynamic emerging tech companies of today

Pioneer in Voice + Conversational AI

Pioneer in Voice + Conversational AI

Emmy-Award Winning Content Studio

Emmy-Award Winning Content Studio

Google + Snap’s Preferred Augmented Reality Studio

Google + Snap’s Preferred Augmented Reality Studio

Immersive Sound Design (Film + AR/VR)

Immersive Sound Design (Film + AR/VR)


M7 has guided executive teams at Fortune 100 companies through the ever-changing media and technological landscapes - conceptualizing, presenting and executing on innovative solutions to drive their businesses forward.

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M7 and Snaproll teamed up to fly unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) over Panera farms in Yuma, Arizona to highlight “Leafy Greens” and the 100% clean ingredients Panera uses in all of their dishes. The content was used in Panera’s Behind-The-Counter series as well as their current 30-second television spot.

M7, QReal and Famous Productions teamed up to create a first-of-its-kind Augmented Reality experience around SXSW in Austin. The YouMix2 campaign used 3D photogrammetry models of fan favorite Panera dishes and composed remixed songs to highlight the secret menu mash-up items.

M7 and Snaproll launched Timberland’s Urban Greening project, helping to create content for the initiative that was specific to the medium it was distributed on, resulting in Timberland’s first ever IGTV spot, and exclusive content on Snap, YouTube and Instagram Stories.

M7 built an Alexa skill that playfully teaches users how smart the Pulte smart home really is. Teaming up with Amazon, our Pulte Alexa skill was one of the first ever “native skills” published for a brand. Native skills don’t require a third-party name to invoke the skill.


M7’s President, Matt Maher, provides thought leadership and POVs on Artificial Intelligence, Voice Assistants, Augmented + Virtual Reality, The Internet of Things (IoT) and Adaptive Analytics.

Matt has given keynote presentations at CES, SXSW, advertising + marketing industry panels and private client events.


M7 produces a weekly content series where Matt breaks down the latest media, tech and innovation news in 60 seconds. Check out an episode of the M7 Innovation Brief here:

This week on the brand-new M7 Innovation Brief: #Facebook announces a cryptocurrency that might shake the global economy, #Microsoft wants to use #artificialintelligence to make you a better public speaker, and the world's largest brands just committed $100MM to a streaming service that doesn't even exist yet. New look. New vibe.

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